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Wakefield Hardwood Floors

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Be sure to hire a refinishing expert for your restoration and resurfacing projects.  We specialize in refinishing, restoration and repair.  You wouldn't go to a new furniture store if you were looking to invest in antique furniture, so why hire an installation company if what you really want is to restore your original hardwood floors?  Home owners with an older house with true solid hardwood floors can count themselves very lucky.  Your wood flooring can add tremendously to the value of your home, depending on its quality and condition.  Before you entrust your home to a Jack of all trades company, seek out the consult of a true restoration sanding and refinishing expert;  a company that wants to see you restore your floor, not replace it. At Wakefield Hardwood Floors, restoring the beauty to hardwood floors is what we do.  It is all we do, day in, and day out.  It is our one core focus and we are 100% confident you will not find a better refinishing service in the Tampa Bay area.  Call us for a FREE in-home no obligation estimate.  We are happy to offer you our expert advice to help you make an informed decision on the true state of your floors and what options are available to you.