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Some folks will try to do it themselves by viewing DIY You Tube videos or try to cut corners by hiring lesser quality cleaning/recoating type "refinishing" services that consist of no real sanding.   Your beautiful real hardwood floor should be valued and cherished.  If you are not sanding to resurface the wood then it is not a true refinishing service, it is a cleaning service. It is a cheaper option yes, and it takes less time true, but there is no comparison. They are two completely different services and the end results will reflect this. If you do decide to go with a heavy duty cleaning type of service, please make sure it is with a professional hardwood flooring company.

Hardwood floor refinishing is truly an art form. You should know how to read wood, is it healthy or is it suffering from moisture or dryness, and how it lives in the home it's in. You'll need a good working knowledge and solid skills with your equipment and materials, including polyurethanes, varnishes and stains.  Sanding machines you may rent are subpar to commercial equipment used by professionals.  You may end up gouging your floor to the point of no repair.  There is just no way to put wood back into a floor that has been sanded beyond repair.  Your floor may not need sanding, it may just need a screen and coat.  But please let a professional advise you.  It is always better to be safe, than sorry.  Refinishing can save you thousands compared to a new install.  And expert handling can save your floor.  Please call us for a FREE in-home estimate (no pressure and no obligation).  We will determine the true state of your floors and explain what options are available to you.  We will arm you with expert knowledge to help you make an informed decision.  We would welcome the opportunity to be your Tampa hardwood floor refinishing expert.